Jon Bon Jovi Disses Kim Kardashian, ‘KUWTK,’ & All Housewives Shows While Questioning Their Fame

Kim Kardashian, Jon Bon Jovi
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Jon Bon Jovi recently gave an interview to The Sunday Project with Lisa Wilkinson. In doing so, he absolutely dissed a ton of popular TV shows and celebrities, including the much-loved Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Kim Kardashian. Bon Jovi questioned Kim’s rise to fame in particular, as he discussed her sex tape with Ray J, detailed Radar Online.

“What’s gonna be in your autobiography? ‘I made a porno and guess what I got famous.’ F**k, sorry, I’ll pass.”

And he had equally not-nice things to saw about the Kardashians’s show and the entire Housewives franchise.

“I think it’s horrific that we live in that world and I can tell you I’ve never given 60 seconds of my life, EVER, to one of those Housewives of Blah Blah and Kardashians.”

Of course, there are millions of fans who would strongly disagree with Bon Jovi. But for the singer, fame ought to be due to someone creating art, writing, acting, and other such pursuits. Arguably the TV stars might be acting in their reality shows to an extent, but it’s not the traditional sort of acting that Bon Jovi is referring to. Plus, he gained his fame during a different era, before such reality shows existed.

Regardless, Kim Kardashian, for one, is doing quite well for herself. She and the other Kardashians can earn something like a quarter to a half a million dollars for simply posting an Instagram photo in partnership with an ad campaign, according to Harper’s Bazaar. That’s not so bad, considering the leg work mostly involves taking a photo with the product.

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On the other hand, the Housewives franchise has captured the attention of reality TV fans all across the country.

Recently, Kim posted a video of herself on a swing in Bali on the beach. She wore a pink bikini and sunglasses, and the post has garnered over 7.8 million views in the past day. She’s also been promoting some makeup, luxury brands, and more.

Meanwhile, her husband Kanye West has been all over the news for his pro-Trump statements and impromptu speeches at an Apple store. A source revealed before that Kim is embarrassed by his antics but will love him anyway. At the same time, there’s been rumors about how she wanted to divorce Kanye, although those claims haven’t been substantiated.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t look like Kim will be able to win over Bon Jovi anytime soon.