National Chocolate Day Is Today - Here Are 10 Places To Get Yours At A Sweet Price

National Chocolate Day 2018 is happening today, ahead of National Candy Day on October 31 (otherwise known as Halloween.) Here's a roundup of places where you can get chocolate treats at a bargain for this chocolate-coated occasion.

1. John & Kira's

John & Kira's hand-painted chocolate bees and ladybugs look more like art, and the treats are almost too pretty to eat. However you must, and they are offering special pricing on select items throughout midnight tonight on their online store in honor of National Chocolate Day 2018.

2. Vosges Haut-Chocolat

From chocolate sugar skulls to gorgeous and exotic truffles, chocolatier Vosges puts a superior spin on chocolate. For National Chocolate Day, the fashionista chocolate store is offering 20 percent off through Monday when you use the code "CHOCDAY" when ordering online.

3. Joyfuls

Joyfuls allows forward-thinking chocolate lovers to use social media for a chance to win a lion's-share dose of sweet comfort food by entering a contest. Here are the directions the website gives you in order to win six free bags of their delicious Joyful Chocolate Treats, according to Refinery29.
[Follow] @joyfulstreats on Instagram. Once you've followed the account, like the celebratory photo it shares on Sunday morning and tag three fellow #chocolatelovers. You can enter as many times as you'd like before the contest ends on October 30 at 12 a.m. EST.

4. The Hershey's Store

Hershey's has been providing chocolate treats for more than 100 years, and the name is almost synonymous with chocolate itself. Although the deal they are offering now on their website is for Halloween, Hershey fans can go to their online store to get 40 percent off classic chocolate bars such as Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Simply check out with the promotional code "GLOW40."

5. Vitacost

Vitacost, which is usually known as a vitamin and herbal shop, is also the go-to for health-conscious chocolate fiends. Vitacost offers an array of soothing brands of hot chocolate, and discounts vary when you check out at their online marketplace. They also offer free shipping for purchases over $49.

6. Shari's Berries

Beautiful and elaborate chocolate-covered strawberries that look almost as big as your head. What else do need to know? Fans of the fruit and chocolate combination can receive $5 off the price of six of them or 25 percent off when you order 12 online. Shari's Berries also has fancy chocolate dipped mini-cheesecakes, cake pops and more.

7. Godiva

To celebrate National Chocolate Day 2018, Godiva is offering two free chocolates from the company's new G Cube Collection when you order more than $25 from their online store. Expect to get some of their addictive gourmet chocolates free when you make a purchase at one of their physical locations today, too.

8. Mrs. Fields

If you like your chocolate candy baked into cookies, then Mrs. Fields has a deal for you. You can grab some of their famous chocolate chip cookies online using promo code "COOKIE15" to get 15 percent off through October 31.

9. Lolli & Pops

Fans of white chocolate and other unusual chocolate flavors can snag a ten percent discount as a first-time buyer at artisanal chocolate shop Lolli & Pops. Their creative chocolate collection contains treats that have intriguing names like "Sparkling Pink Rose Champagne Truffles" and "Unicorn Bark" that seem to dare you to try them.

10. Vat19

Vat 19's chocolate offering made the list, not so much because their "World's Hottest Chocolate Bar" is discounted, but because they offer reasonably priced "melt insurance" for their unbelievable spicy sweet. Besides chocolate and other ingredients, the scorcher contains 9 million SHU chili extract. On their website Q&A, one of the queries was if the insanely hot bar is sweet: To which Vat19 hilariously answered,
Technically, yes. However, you'll soon find that the spice in the World's Hottest Chocolate Bar thoroughly dominates all other flavors.