Iggy Azalea Reportedly Doing 'Everything She Can' For Playboi Carti Amid Plastic Surgery Rumors, Per 'HL'

Mizuki Hisaka

Iggy Azalea's "new look" has been debated by fans ever since she posted a series of new photos recently. As previously detailed by the Inquisitr, fans suspect that the singer got her lips done along with a facelift, or something along those lines. Meanwhile, Hollywood Life connected with an insider, who "refuse[d] to address the plastic surgery rumors." However, this is what they said.

"Iggy is head over heels in love with Playboi Carti right now. He has her completely smitten. They're getting serious fast. All of Playboi's attention and appreciation has got Iggy feeling sexy AF. She's saying her new love is the secret to her glow up. She's doing everything she can to impress him and just really feeling herself again thanks to him."

So while nobody can say for sure what motivation Iggy had when supposedly getting plastic surgery done, it seems apparent that at the very least, she's super into Playboi and is putting forth an effort to impress him. She's certainly using social media to her advantage, as she continues to wow her fans with sultry images.

The two became known as a couple in late September when she shared a photo of her and Playboi sitting together on the couch. This is potentially the first relationship she's had since she was with Nick Young in 2016. That ended badly, as she broke off their engagement after Nick cheated on her with an ex, and got her pregnant.

"I'm 100% sure I know what we both have. I've been in the game longer although it's not about that at all, but please don't ever try to play me when it comes to my bag cuz one thing I DONT need a man for is money."