Shauna Sexton Flaunts Derriere In Latest Instagram Pic

David Becker / StringerGetty Images

Shauna Sexton, the short-term ex-girlfriend of Ben Affleck, flaunted her assets in her newest Instagram photo. Instead of posing with her derriere facing the camera, this time she sat on the floor wearing what looks like a high-cut leotard. This accentuated her curves, as Shauna played with her hair with her left hand. The background showed a city skyline and an outdoor pool with a giant, inflatable swan. Fans let the Playboy model know how great she looked, as one person even said, “That ben [sic] guy doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.” Others commented on the “stunning” and “beautiful” picture.

And speaking of Ben, it appears that he’s moved on from the fling and is focusing on his sobriety and spending time with kids. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Jennifer Garner is keeping Ben on a tight leash, not allowing him to date for the time being, detailed the Inquisitr.

For now, it looks like Shauna’s busy focusing on her modeling career, as her latest post was also an invitation to join her and other models for an event on November 1 at Tao Las Vegas. She told fans to “Come party with me and the @playboy Playmates,” and some people responded that they’re planning on going.

The model also shared another photo of herself yesterday, wearing a high-cut black dress.

“When you’re forced to attend a social gathering and all you can think about is your dog, your bed, and hot wings,” she captioned the image.

Sexton appeared to be standing by some stairs, as she sported some knee-high black boots and carried a brown clutch. She also geo-tagged the picture, “Leave Me Alone,” so it looks like she was totally over whatever event she was attending.

Ever since Shauna was linked to Ben, she’s been enjoying increased publicity. While most of that has slowed down thanks to their recent break-up, it’s unknown at the moment whether she’s planning on returning to her former job as a veterinary tech. During a recent Instagram story, she shared a snap that showed her reading a book about veterinary practices, so it’s possible.

Ironically, shortly before the couple called it quits, Sexton talked about how she missed her old job in a post. A staff member from the center revealed to the Daily Mail the following information.

“[Shauna’s] career in modeling was always a backup plan but things are really taking off now she’s been spotted with Ben, despite some blaming her for his recent relapse.”