Ariel Winter Wears Sexy Silver Crop Top While Dressed As Pam Anderson

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

It seems celebrities are really getting into the Halloween spirit. This year, Ariel Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden dedicated their costumes to the ultimate throwback couple. The young lovebirds went with a couple’s costume, paying homage to Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock.

Winter and Meaden both posted stills of the outfits to their Instagram accounts. In the photos, the couple is seen standing together with their arms around each other, Winter is wearing Pam’s classic shimmery silver, spaghetti-strapped crop top with matching skirt, and a pair of silver heels. Meaden’s costume was a bit more simple, the Canadian actor can be seen sporting a white tank top, blue jeans, black boots, hat, and belt complete with an American flag belt buckle.

Kid Rock and then-girlfriend Pamela Anderson rocked this look at the 29th Annual American Music Awards back in 2002.

Winter and Meaden seemed totally proud of their costume choices. Winter caption her Instagram photo saying, “Don’t worry, we’re also concerned by the accuracy,” as some fans were surprised at how well the couple pulled out the outfits and the uncanny resemblance.

Other fans were concerned about the couple’s costume choice due to political stances, which could be the reason Meaden included the hashtag “#nopoliticsjustnostalgia” in his Instagram caption of the photo.

Winter’s sexy Pam Anderson-inspired outfit comes as no surprise, as the Modern Family star has reportedly been feeling a lot more comfortable in her skin these days.

“Ariel struggled with body image and self confidence throughout her childhood, and it wasn’t helped by becoming famous at such a vulnerable and young age,” a source told Hollywood Life. “But, she finally has pretty much overcome her insecurities, and she finally feels good about herself, as she should, she looks amazing!”

“Ariel loves her body and never wants to feel shamed by it,” another source said. “She knows that what she does when she reveals her body is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she is going to do what she wants to do as she is confident with herself.”

According to People, Winter is grateful to co-star Sofia Vergara, who helped her accept her own curves. She called Vergara a “great role model” and said the older Latina constantly offered tips and advice.

“She could see that I was struggling a little bit with how to deal with my body, and was always trying to give me advice, like, ‘Here are some brands that would look good on our body type,’ or ‘Wear whatever you want, and feel good about yourself,'” she said.