A Secret Tunnel And Chamber Have Been Discovered Beneath The Pyramid Of The Moon In Mexico

Archaeologists believe there could be a secret passageway under the Pyramid of the Moon which may lead to a 'passageway to the underworld.'

A hidden chamber and passageway have been discovered beneath Mexico's Pyramid of the Moon.
Harvey Meston / Getty Images

Archaeologists believe there could be a secret passageway under the Pyramid of the Moon which may lead to a 'passageway to the underworld.'

Mexico’s Pyramid of the Moon, which is the second largest pyramid in the country after the Pyramid of the Sun, has a secret tunnel and chamber beneath it that archaeologists believe could be a “passageway to the underworld” for those who participated in Toltec rituals.

As the Daily Mail has reported, this hidden passageway may also hold items like deformed skulls, and archaeologists will soon learn just what is concealed inside. The Pyramid of the Moon can be found at the ancient site of Teotihuacan, and the pyramid itself is believed to have been constructed before 200 AD.

The secret passageway and chamber below the pyramid were first detected in 2017 after tests using electrical resistivity were conducted, and with this site in use by the Toltec people long before the Aztecs arrived on the scene, there are certain to be a vast amount of treasures hidden inside.

Veronica Ortega, the director of the Project of Integral Conservation of Plaza de la Luna, explained that past excavations at this site turned up skeletons with deformed skulls and numerous other ancient artifacts. Because of this, it is very likely that archaeologists may also find similar objects in the chamber and passageway of Mexico’s Pyramid of the Moon.

“Previous explorations found skeletons of individuals with cranial deformation, as in the Mayan area, and diverse green stone objects (necklaces, anthropomorphic figures made with mosaics), so it is not difficult to think that something similar could be found in the subsoil.”

The secret tunnel was discovered 26 feet under the pyramid, and according to Ortega, it is believed that its entrance is most likely around the eastern entrance.

‘The tunnel is located to the south of the Plaza de la Luna, but it is likely that there is another entrance to the east side.”

As soon as archaeologists begin investigating the chamber of the Pyramid of the Moon, Ortega suggests that they will have a much better indication of whether this ancient civilization was related culturally to other parts of Mesoamerica.

“What’s found inside could help to unravel the relationships that this ancient metropolis had with other regions of Mesoamerica. The discovery would confirm that the inhabitants of Teotihuacan followed the same pattern in their large-scale temples, and that their function would be to emulate the underworld.”

Once excavations commence on the chamber and passageway beneath Mexico’s Pyramid of the Moon, archaeologists should be retrieving all manner of interesting and exotic artifacts if past excavations are anything to go by.