Daniel Rojas Allegedly Pulled Knife On His Girlfriend After Mistakenly Thinking He Saw Her In Adult Movie

Talk about a misunderstanding.

Daniel Albert Roja: Man arrested for attacking girlfriend thinking she appeared in adult film.
Las Cruces Police Department

Talk about a misunderstanding.

Sometimes misunderstandings can lead to deadly situations.

Ask Daniel Albert Rojas, a 28-year-old New Mexico resident, who threatened his girlfriend with a knife after thinking he had seen her in an adult movie, according to Las Cruces Sun-News.

Early on Thursday morning, officers at the Las Cruces Police Department received complaints of a domestic disturbance from the house which Rojas shares with his girlfriend, whose name has not been revealed to keep her identity safe. At about 3 a.m., Rojas pulled out a knife on his girlfriend, threatening to attack her unless she explained to him when she appeared in the adult movie. It was all supposedly a misunderstanding, but Rojas would have none of it. He barred her from leaving the house.

The police officers arrived at the scene and intervened before arresting Rojas for the attack. The New Mexico man told investigators that he thought he had seen his girlfriend in a pornographic video and got filled with rage. He confronted her with a knife as a result of this misconception.

According to police documents, Rojas entered the bedroom where his girlfriend was sleeping in the middle of the night and began to inspect her body. He was extremely forceful, the girlfriend told officers, as he checked her body for the distinctive marks he had seen on the pornographic actress’ body, which — reportedly — were similar to marks she also had.

Despite her protest, Rojas concluded that it was his girlfriend who had been sneaking behind his back to act in pornographic films. He pulled out a knife and threatened to attack her unless she revealed the truth. After a brief period in which she was unable to placate him, she finally managed to flee the house and call 911. Law enforcement arrived on the scene shortly after.

This entire incident does sound a bit strange, especially when one considers that Daniel Rojas was in a relationship with his girlfriend for six years, and even has a child with her. Even law enforcement officers appeared to be confused by the fact that someone who has spent so much time with his girlfriend could make such a mistake.

Even so, that doesn’t excuse any threats of physical violence. Rojas has been charged with felony counts of aggravated assault against a household member as well as false imprisonment — both fourth-degree felonies. Rojas has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of battery against a household member.

Fortunately, the woman and child are now out of harm’s way.