Kendall Jenner’s Ridiculously Oversized Winter Coat Has Everyone Laughing

Sean Zanni Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is what many consider as a style icon and is one of the most well known fashion models of the current age. With her famous Instagram account and frequent red carpet sightings, she is quite often a topic of interest on social media. However, when the model was photographed in a ridiculously oversized winter coat, she became the source of a plethora of internet jokes. The coat was not what most would consider fashionable by any means.

Vogue Paris tweeted a photograph of Jenner modeling Aritzia’s Super Puff jacket. The caption was simply, “Winter is Coming!” According to Today, the viral image of the 22-year-old model was likely altered to make the coat appear bigger than it actually is. However, that didn’t keep the internet from laughing about it.

Aritzia is a popular millennial fashion line founded in Canada. The company has been busy promoting their winter clothing on social media, but none of their other apparel quite caught the public’s attention like their Super Puff parka. With Jenner as the face of the product, the company had hoped they’d be able to sell the product as a trendy and stylish fashion piece. The brand likely didn’t expect the kind of attention the Puffer Coat would end up bringing them. Upon the photograph going viral, Aritzia has been rapidly gaining followers.

Many Twitter users simply couldn’t resist the urge to turn the photo into a great meme. Some compared the ensemble to Joey Tribbiani’s look from Friends, in which he wore many layers of clothing to protect himself from an overly zealous girlfriend. During the famous scene, Joey is remembered saying, “Hey listen, is it obvious that I’m wearing six sweaters?”

Other users thought that Jenner’s ensemble more closely resembled that of the Michelin Man. Some even replied to Vogue’s post with side-by-side comparison pictures of Jenner and the mascot of the tire company.

This isn’t the first time Jenner has worn something that had the internet talking. Like older sister Kim Kardashian, Jenner is known for turning heads with her often daring outfits. In 2017, she showed up to the Met Gala wearing a dress that was really nothing more than a thin piece of mesh. Many deemed the dress one of Jenner’s most unfortunate looks.

Jenner doesn’t seem bothered by the comments and posted additional pictures of her wearing the coat on her own Instagram account, which boasts over 96 million followers.