‘MAGABomber’ Suspect Cesar Sayoc Told Former Manager She Would ‘Burn In Hell’ Because She Is Gay

Broward County Sheriff's OfficeGetty Images

Cesar Sayoc, the alleged “MAGABomber,” told his former manager, Debra Gureghian, that she would “burn in hell” because she is gay, Raw Story reports.

Gureghian managed Sayoc during his stunt at the New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale.

Sayoc, Guerghian claims, often talked about how God “hated” gay people, and insulted her over her sexual orientation.

“His political views scared me,” she said, before continuing.

“He knew I was a very proud Lesbian. He made it a point to say ‘God made a mistake with me’ and that I should ‘burn in hell.'”

Homophobia is not out of character for Sayoc, whose social media profiles paint a picture of a deranged, hateful individual, obsessed with conspiracy theories, according to the Daily Beast.

Sayoc’s Twitter page is apparently chock-full of threatening and hateful messages aimed at political and other opponents of President Trump, namely liberal donor George Soros. Sayoc is a self-professed fan of Trump, and had reportedly attended many of Trump’s rallies.

Many of Sayoc’s Twitter messages are addressed at individuals he apparently mailed or delivered the bombs to. One of them, directed at Soros, states: “You will vanish.”

The alleged “MAGABomber” also sent threatening messages to Parkland mass-shooting survivor David Hogg, parroting well-known far-right conspiracy theories.

Debra Gureghian is not the first former associate of Sayoc’s to discuss her relationship with the suspected “MAGABomber” with the media.

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, event organizer Tony Valentine discussed Sayoc’s past, recounting how the bomber used to work as a stripper during the 1990s.

“He really couldn’t find his niche in life, and I guess he found it now. Back in the ’90s, he was running around from Minnesota to the Carolinas to Florida. He was like a gypsy,” Valentine recalled.

The 56-year-old was arrested multiple times and has a long criminal history. Sayoc is also a registered Republican, and there are photos of him wearing a Make America Great Again hat on his Facebook profile.

Supporters of President Donald Trump, and even some of his closest confidants, seem to have a tendency to indulge in conspiratorial thinking.

As the Inquisitr noted, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and President Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., have all promoted a slew of conspiracy theories, also alleging that Democrats were sending the bombs themselves, conspiring to hurt the Republican Party’s chances in midterms.

Sayoc’s homophobia, as described by his former manager, Debra Gureghian, is in line with polls published by Vox which show that many of Donald Trump’s supporters hold racist, homophobic, and xenophobic views.