Snooki Wants To Have A Third Baby, Says She Misses Being A Mommy

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, now 30-years-old, recently spoke out, saying that she is ready to take on motherhood yet again, reports Hollywood Life. The article claims that a source told Hollywood Life exclusively that Snooki may well be showing off a baby bump sooner rather than later.

“Snooki is trying very actively right now for baby number 3. She may even be pregnant right now, though she hasn’t told anyone yet. She desperately wants to be a mom again and will finally feel like her family is complete. It’s all she really talks about right now. She’s having a lot of fun trying with Jionni!”

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her husband, Jionni LaValle, 31-years-old, are known for flooding her Instagram and social media accounts with images of their two children, now 6 and 4-years-old, Lorenzo and Giovanna.

Despite comments from the source at Hollywood Life, Polizzi did explain to US Weekly Magazine earlier this month that she has been having some trouble conceiving. She stated that she and her husband had been trying for two month at that point in time, and that it was “not happening.” She was, however, not stressing and shelled out her plan of action, saying that she was going to relax.

“If it happens, it happens,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Polizzi has been celebrating co-star Deena Cortese’s pregnancy. She spoke out on this to the publication, talking about a few of the tips she had shared with her best friend. One tip was to try not to “indulge in everything.” This bit of advice comes from Snooki because she apparently ate “everything” while pregnant with her now 6-year-old son. Polizzi claims that it took her a year to lose the weight she’d gained during that pregnancy. After learning this lesson, Snooki says she only treated herself once a week while pregnant with baby number two; this afforded her to lose the baby weight in only two weeks, she claims.

“If you splurge once a week, and don’t do it every day, it’s not going to be that hard to get your body back.”

Polizzi and her husband tied the knot in November of 2014, and she says that the love they share for one another and for their two children makes it easy to try for baby number three. Even though she did say that just as with any relationship, there are some days where she tells her husband to “Go away.”