Laura Dundovic Flaunts Her Incredible Figure In An Emerald Bikini

Laura DundovicInstagram

Former beauty queen Laura Dundovic recently showcased her well-defined abs and her toned body during a beach side photoshoot off Queensland’s Moreton Island, reports the Daily Mail. Dundovic trains hard to maintain her beautiful figure, with a routine that includes training and eating well.

At 31-years-old, Dundovic is turning heads as she stands, smiling in the white sands while wearing a gorgeous emerald green bikini. The bikini compliments her tanned and golden skin tone, statuesque frame, and her damp blonde hair. She was seemingly very excited for her photo shoot, as she captioned her post to her personal Instagram with “HAPPY GIRL WHEN I’M ALLOWED TO SWIM AT WORK.” She tagged the post with the swimsuit label Suboostyle.

Multiple shots from the photo shoot on the beach were shared to her Instagram Story. One picture showed Dundovic posing with both of her arms in the air as she held up peace hand signs with both hands. In this photo, her hair remained slipped back for a wet look. Her makeup was kept light and simple, having only light blush on her cheeks and a stunning nude pout.

Laura is a huge fan of sharing her daily activities and various looks with her fans via Instagram. Before the more recent bikini photo shoot, the model had posted images of herself wearing pink gym wear while working out. With those images, she also revealed the secret to her washboard abs by sharing with her fans the intense workout routine that she adheres to. She also made sure to mention that she makes sure to maintain a balance to her healthy approach.

“If I were to be strict about it, it just wouldn’t work for me long term.”

In the gym photos, Laura was sporting a bright, neon pink crop top and tights over her toned physique. She dubbed the images her “muscle hustle” routine. The regimen consists of Bulgarian split squats, lat pull downs, back extension, and dead ball slams. According to Laura Dundovic, she completes the circuit at least three to five times with little to no rests in between. She even went so far as to share a quick clip of one particular portion of her workout, in a snippet that lasts approximately 57 seconds.

Laura recently told the Daily Mail that she eats a full diet of veggies and lean protein. She said that she never cuts down on her portion sizes, and noted that she is always sure to incorporate dancing and marathons into her routine as well.

Her specific routine at the gym is as follows: 10 Bulgarian split squats for each leg, 20 to 45 back extension, 10 lat pull down, and 20 dead ball slams.