Amy Duggar King Talks About Having Babies With Husband Dillon, Holding Off On Following Cousins’ Paths

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For many Duggar family members, babies often closely follow weddings. Fans of the family, known for their TLC show 19 Kids and Counting as well as Counting On, know that it’s been quite common over the past few years for pregnancy announcements to come out within a few months of Duggar-related wedding days. For Duggar cousin Amy King, however, that hasn’t been the case. From the sounds of things, that’s been quite intentional.

Amy Duggar King has popped up on the extended family’s TLC shows before and fans know she’s related to the infamous Counting On clan because her mother Deanna is the sister of Duggar patriarch Jim Bob. Amy has certainly taken a very different path in life than that of her cousins, and that’s the case again when it comes to building a family.

Dillon King married Amy in September 2015, but so far, the two have not pursued parenthood. She told Radar Online that she and her husband are thinking a lot about having children these days, but they’ve wanted to experience more of life before they take that big leap.

“I didn’t want to limit myself by just getting pregnant right off the bat and not exploring the rest of what my life could be.”

Amy says that she does want to have children at some point. However, she wants her life to feel more settled first. As the Inquisitr recently detailed, the Kings are currently focused on opening up a clothing boutique. It sounds as if they may turn to having kids once the boutique is fairly well established.

As InTouch shared over the summer, Amy and Dillon traveled quite a bit after getting married and they have explained that they wanted to build a strong foundation before expanding their family. The two have had to navigate some rough spots in their marriage, but it seems they feel that their relationship is stronger than ever now.

Even as Amy and Dillon edge closer to wanting to have children, it seems that Duggar fans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting to see them try to compete with her cousins in terms of how big their family will get. King says that they will probably just have one or two children and she’s hoping for a boy.

Amy Duggar King isn’t particularly close to her conservative cousins at this point, seemingly in large part due to Jim Bob’s influence and disapproval. Some of the Counting On stars have been loosening up on their restrictive habits slightly in recent months, and some wonder if that might eventually pave the way to Amy reconnecting with some of her extended family.

Could having kids make this reconnection easier? Those who follow the Duggar family might not have to wait too much longer to find out, as it sounds as if Amy and Dillon are almost ready to expand their family.