Tammy Hembrow Puts Sculpted Booty On Display In Pool Video

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Fitness model Tammy Hembrow inspires millions of Instagram users with her exercise and diet tips, as well as with her own personal full-body transformation. Having started out with an average body and flat backside, she has worked hard in the gym to transform her body into lean muscle and ample curves.

Her passion for fitness and health is evident in her latest Instagram post, a short video clip showing her sitting on the side of a pool. With her long blonde hair and her body still wet from a recent dip in the water, the mom-of-two sits with her booty pushed out, wearing a black thong bathing suit bottom. She then slowly stands up, showing off her rippling muscles and flawless skin, before pulling up the waist of her bikini bottoms and shifting her body to the side to give viewers an even better view of her rounded derriere. She also reveals a bit of her busty chest peeking out from the side of her suit.

The 24-year-old model captioned the video, “Feels like summer is heeerrrre,” followed by two blue butterflies. Her 8.8 million followers went crazy for the video, which earned over 2 million likes in just one day. Many of her fans also left comments admiring her sexy body, telling her that she is a huge inspiration and motivation.

One fan wrote, “In love with your body and skin is flawless,” while another commented, “wow and she gave birth to two!!! Impressive.”

Hembrow has two children — a son named Wolf, 2, and a daughter named Saskia, 3. In addition to her photos and videos flaunting her enviable body, the model also likes to post adorable photos of her kids. A recent post features a throwback snap from the family trip to Fiji.

Hembrow — dressed in yet another thong bikini — and her two children are all laying on their stomachs in the shallow part of the ocean. Saskia and Wolf both have huge smiles on their faces as they play with their mom, while Hembrow looks on proudly. She also received many compliments from her followers on the photo — with many of them telling her how adorable her children are, and that she serves as a source of inspiration as a mom.

Followers left comments including, “Your Instagram is so positive and lovely. You seem to have a really lovely energy about you dear,” and “I am so so so proud of your strength to be a mother and business woman above all. You’re amazing. Can’t wait till you have a tv show on E!.”

According to her own personal website, Tammy Hembrow, the fitness guru has her own app — called TammyFit — which allows users to set fitness goals, track progress, and keep a workout calendar. She also shares hundreds of fitness tutorials and healthy recipes on the app.