‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Dealt Major Blow In Surrogate Lawsuit

Jeff Lewis speaks onstage during the 'Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis' panel.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis has been juggling several stressful situations over the past few months. Not only did he have a fallout with his Bravo co-star, Jenni Pulos, a few months back, but he is also anticipating that Bravo may well cancel his series as a result. In addition, he’s been dealing with a lawsuit from the surrogate who carried his daughter Monroe — and it looks like he’s just been dealt a setback on that front.

People shares that Jeff Lewis and his surrogate, Alexandra Trent, will apparently be facing off in a courtroom. The Flipping Out star and his partner Gage Edward, who also stars on the show, had wanted to work out their issues with Trent via private arbitration. Now, however, a judge has ruled that arbitration isn’t going to be how this is settled.

Jeff and Gage’s daughter, Monroe, is almost two-years-old now, and this case involving their surrogate has been moving along slowly since it began last June. Lewis continues to insist that Trent had signed away any rights she had to control how the pregnancy was filmed or shown on Flipping Out. He says that she signed an appearance release, a non-disclosure agreement, and an arbitration clause — and he feels that Trent is breaking these agreements for the sake of financial gain and notoriety.

The judge seemingly decided that the contract that Alexandra entered into with Jeff and Gage could have been interpreted in more than one way, and noted it did not contain language specific to the reality television stars filming Monroe’s birth itself. Due to those issues, the case will move forward to a public jury trial instead of private arbitration.

Trent has been pursuing this suit, not only against the primary Flipping Out stars, but also against production company Authentic Entertainment and parent network, Bravo. As the Wrap details, she alleges that she felt humiliated by comments that Edward and Lewis had made about her that aired on the show, and she says that the revealing birth video footage was captured and aired without her permission.

Alexandra’s lawyer notes that the judge felt that the release his client did sign not only did not cover filming, but that it was legally invalid as it was oppressive to expect her to give up her privacy while delivering her baby. They do expect Lewis’ legal team to appeal this latest ruling, so it will take some time yet before a trial happens and the matter is resolved.

How will this case involving Alexandra Trent, Jeff Lewis, and Gage Edward be resolved? It sounds as if the Flipping Out stars have their work cut out for them in trying to win this one — and that it may go on for a while before it’s settled.