Yes folks Google Chrome now has extensions

One of the most waited features for Google’s Chrome browser, other than a working version for Mac fans, has to be the extensions that let you add new features and options via plugins. This is the same thing that has made Firefox one of the most popular browsers and has also held back a wider adoption of Google’s browser.

Well as of today that has all changed as Google has opened up the Extensions pages for Chrome fans. Currently there are about 300 plus extensions for you to choose from and I would imagine now that it has gone live that number will increase.

First you will need to make sure you have the most current version of Chrome installed


Once you have taken care of the bit of browser housekeeping you can get to the good stuff of checking out the new extensions you want to install. To do this simply open a new tab in Chrome and you will see the Extensions link at the bottom along with a jigsaw type icon in the lower right.


As you install your pick of extension goodness you will see the icons/buttons associated with the extension (if required by the extension) appear in the addressbar area.


Now I’m not a big user of extensions but I know people who are and held off on switching to Chrome because of this – well they have no reason now.