Topless Kim Kardashian Holds Baby Chicago In New Makeup Ad

Kim K certainly knows how to draw attention.

Kim Kardashian posts topless image with daughter Chicago.
Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Kim K certainly knows how to draw attention.

Kim Kardashian, who has lately been focusing much of her attention on promoting the Flashing Lights collection campaign of her makeup company KKW Beauty, posted an image on Instagram that is certain to draw a lot of eyeballs.

The 38-year-old reality TV star posted a picture of herself completely topless with her youngest child, Chicago, on her lap. Showing off her new pink shadows for the same collection, Kim K appears amazingly serene with her eyes closed and her youngest child, who was born to a surrogate carrier in early 2018, also seems to be in sort of a reverie.

It is mind-boggling the kind of publicity Kim K can garner on social media for her own beauty company, with her latest picture garnering upwards of a million likes on Instagram within an hour of it being posted.

“My heavenly baby,” wrote the KUWTK star in the caption for the topless image, with thousands of her followers commenting on her well-toned body, which, according to some, appeared darker than usual. Others wrote that baby Chicago, not even a year old yet, is following her mamma’s footsteps and already knows how to pose for an advertisement.

We couldn’s disagree with that.

While Kim K has been able to draw a ridiculous amount of attention to her beauty company and its latest campaign by posting smoldering pictures on Instagram, not all the reaction to her latest pictures have been positive.

In fact, the last picture she posted for the campaign, which showed her striking a pose in a bodysuit alongside model Quinten Barnard, who is completely nude in the picture, invited the derision of a lot of online trolls who surmised that the person in the picture was not Kim Kardashian because, um, her booty wasn’t big enough, as reported by E! Online.

“Where’s your booty??” one Instagram user commented, while another wrote, “Kim please, that’s not you.”

“Nice photoshopping of your butt,” one Instagram commenter wrote, “who is that and where is the rest of her butt?”

Hundreds of similar comments questioning the amount of photoshopping done on her body swarmed the reality star’s Instagram, but as Kim K recently said in an interview, she remains largely unmoved by such superficial criticism.

“Everyone deals with things differently, and I seem to deal with things–I push to overcome it,” she said in an interview, as reported by the Inquisitr. “I just don’t have a victim mentality. That’s never been my personality.”