Rita Ora Opens Up About ‘Crazy Naked Pictures’ On Social Media

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Rita Ora is getting very candid about her penchant for posting risqué photos on social media and pose nude – or nearly nude – in photoshoots. The stunning singer spoke openly about her decision to show off some serious skin in a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, where she admitted that stripping down is actually pretty “liberating” for her.

Rita got very candid about the seriously sultry photos she’s become pretty famous for sharing in the interview, admitting that she doesn’t really worry too much about what other people think of her stripping down in front of the camera.

“With selfies, as long as I like my picture I don’t really care. It’s all about lighting! It makes me feel like I’m alive and awake,” Ora shared. “I know I sometimes post crazy naked pictures on my social media, but for me it’s not crazy because it’s my body.”

She then spoke out about showing off some skin for various professional photoshoots as well as for her own social media pages, adding during the recent interview with the fashion magazine that she “recently I did a Clash cover and it was basically naked except for a pair of gloves, and it was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done.”

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But while she seems uber-confident with her body on Instagram and in shoots, Ora also told the site that she also suffers with anxiety which can often be magnified by social media.

“Anxiety is a real thing. I suffer with it, and everyone does in some way – in the sense of worry, frustration, stress…,” she explained of her struggles.

The star made the confessions to the fashion outlet in a recent joint interview with model Cara Delevingne.

As the Inquisitr recently reported, the twosome have joined forces for makeup brand Rimmel’s latest campaign which fights cyber bullying.

Prior to speaking out about posing nude and showing off some skin this week, the Inquisitr shared that Ora’s been proudly showing off her body online on multiple occasions.

Rita recently revealed some serious skin while posing in a nude bikini during a trip to Dubai, which she shared with her fans via Instagram. Prior to that, the Inquisitr shared that the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer gave fans a glimpse at her body in a black two-piece bikini while enjoying some time in a pool.

Rita Ora is speaking out about her passion for stripping down and posing nude
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Ora previously spoke out about her insecurities in an interview with Women’s Health magazine last year, admitting that although she proudly showed off her body online that that doesn’t necessarily mean she always feels confident.

“Am I body confident? No. Have I always felt that way, no,” Rita said.

“As females there’s always something we don’t like about our bodies. It’s a normal thing.”

“Social media has molded my generation, but it’s also destroyed it,” Ora then added to the outlet in the 2017 interview.

“Everything is so intense now because everything is zoomed.”