Is The Nude Stiletto The Real Secret Behind Kate And Meghan’s Success?

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are worshipped as style icons by hordes of wide-eyed fans, and it’s apparently all down to one thing and one thing alone – the nude stiletto.

Well that, big bank accounts and designer wardrobes, but the point is, according to those who specialize in such niche areas, the nude stiletto speaks volumes about the wearer and gives of the right impression in certain social circles

The Daily Mail reports that the Duchess of Cambridge, Crown Princess Mary, Spain’s Queen Letizia and now the Duchess of Sussex are just a few of the blue-blooded brigade to unleash the true power of the nude stiletto.

The nude stiletto has long been the footwear of choice for the well-heeled and horsey types who just love to compliment their pastel dresses and overbearing hats with some identikit nude sledge shoes.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton have long favored the fashion items because they not only look invisible but lengthen their leg, so it can make the wearer look a little more like a well-bred horse than ever before.

Celebrity stylist Donny Galella explained, “Nude stilettos always elongate your legs and make you look taller and thinner. That’s the good thing about these shoes is that they are classic and timeless and pretty much go with everything in your wardrobe.

“That’s the reason why so many celebrities and royal women repeat them in their wardrobes.”

Of course, the aesthetic qualities of the aforesaid footwear pale in comparison when you consider their symbolic qualities and how they embody Britain’s thriving class system.

To the wearer, nude stilettos may suggest subtle understatement, big bank balances, friends in high places, and a love for anything with four legs, a mane and a tail, but to many munching on their buckets of KFC in trainers and tracksuits, they scream of privilege.

British royal family walking down the street
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Writing in Grazia magazine on the topic, a columnist suggested, “It occurs to me that not since the eighties, when working-class girls were mocked and satirized for their love of white stilettos in all seasons, has one shoe so defined a class in society. Quite simply, the nude heel is the white stilly of the middle classes. Only infinitely less fun, and so much less cool than the 80s classic.”

Of course, if all issues of class can be defined by a high-heeled shoe then somewhere along the way society has taken a step in the wrong direction.