Shauna Sexton Dons Daring Dress With Very High Slits

Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton showed off her legs and more in a revealing dress on her Instagram stories. In the photo, the model wore a high-neck and long-sleeved black dress with super high slits in the front. The slits on her dress revealed not just her legs, but also part of her lower midriff. Shauna took the mirror selfie in a bathroom somewhere, weeks after she and Ben Affleck reportedly ended their quickie romance.

At the time of their rumored breakup, sources confirmed that it had happened while Shauna insisted that the two were still together. However, as time passed, it appeared that Affleck and Sexton had indeed broken things off. Even before the two broke up, there were rumors that Jennifer Garner didn't approve of Shauna's presence, and even told Ben to "dump" her, "or else."

Now, Radar Online revealed that Garner is allegedly "trying to ban Ben from dating," according to a source. They elaborated further.

"[Jen]'s given him an ultimatum to quit seeing women and focus on staying sober."
Whether Garner had a hand in Ben's breakup with Shauna is something only Jen may know. However, these reports suggest that Jen doesn't want Ben to be with anyone at all right now, regardless of who it may be.
This comes at the heels of allegations that Jen's new boyfriend, John Miller, is in the midst of a nasty divorce battle with his ex. His former wife has called Miller "controlling," and suggested that he is using child custody in order to exert his power in the relationship.

A divorce proceeding is nothing new for Jen, who recently finalized her divorce from Ben. In fact, it was just a day after the divorce was finalized that Shauna and Ben flew to Montana for a quick getaway. Sexton documented the trip on her Instagram, even sharing a quick photo of the actor from the back as he drove them around. That would be the first and only appearance Affleck made on her Instagram before the two broke things off.

A source even dished more dirt on the dynamic between Ben and Jen.

"[Jen's] putting Ben over her knee and scolding him like a child after his awkward breakup with Shauna. He's a big baby — but Jen's telling him to man up and sober up because he's got no one else to blame but himself."
Whatever the case, fans hope that Ben can maintain his sobriety and forge ahead with his acting career.