NYC ‘Fashionista’ Jumps Off The GW Bridge, Leaves Suicide Note In Louis Vuitton Bag

A New Jersey native committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge on Wednesday evening. The beautiful young woman left a “suicide diary” behind in her Louis Vuitton bag. Ashley A. Riggitano’s suicide note include a list of five women she did not want allowed at her funeral.

The 22-year-old “fashionista” put her Louis Vuitton bag on a George Washington Bridge walkway around 4:30 in the afternoon, Fox News reports. Riggitano then climbed to the midway point of the upper level of the bridge, above the New Jersey-bound lanes.

Drivers and passengers on the bridge reportedly watched in horror as Ashley Riggitano fell into the Hudson River. The young woman’s body was retrieved by the harbor patrol not long as the George Washington Bridge suicide.

Riggitano worked for New York fashion and jewelry designer Alex Woo as an intern. She graduated from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in Manhattan last year. She had also interned at Nicole Miller and Tommy Hilfiger. Riggitano also started Missfits, a business where she designed and sold bracelets.

The Louis Vuitton suicide diary contained pages of handwritten notes that detailed the torment Riggitano felt she had endured at the hands of five other young women. An excerpt from the suicide diary stated that Riggitano’s friends were “in it for the gossip” and that they were never there for her.

Additional handwritten pages described her extreme anger as a man she felt had treated her poorly. Ashley Riggitano noted that the man was “invited” to her funeral, but she hoped he got what he “deserved” when he arrived.

The women who were not welcome at her funeral appear to be “friends” from work or college, the New York Post notes. The notes inside the suicide diary reportedly indicate that she was bullied by her friends in the fashion world. Klonopin and Adderall were also found inside Ashley Riggitano’s Louis Vuitton bag. The young woman reportedly attempted to commit suicide at least once before she jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

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