Aubrey O’Day Flaunts Her Curves In Stunning Bathing Suit Shot

Valerie MaconGetty Images

Singer Aubrey O’Day knows how to rock a wild look, and she did it again in a photo she just shared via Instagram. O’Day has been modeling a lot of looks for the Fashion Nova line lately, and it looks as if this may be a peek from a new photo shoot she did with them.

Aubrey O’Day is known for her sexy figure and her confidence, and both were on full display in this latest picture. In the photo, shared Thursday afternoon to Instagram, the singer is wearing a relatively simple black one-piece bathing suit with a royal blue and turquoise jacket over it.

The singer is donning a heavy, almost futuristic makeup look, and she’s got her hair in a very high ponytail with some turquoise color added to it. The suit itself shows off Aubrey’s toned legs and a fair amount of her cleavage, and thousands of her fans liked the post within the first hour it was up.

It looks like this photo of O’Day was taken at the Waldorf Astoria Spa and her followers thought she was on fire and looked incredible. Based on Aubrey’s latest Instagram Stories, it would seem that the photo may be brand-new. She shared clips of her travel to the Boca Raton Waldorf Astoria throughout the day on Thursday and one brief clip showed her with the wild hairstyle she dons in the photo.

While Aubrey apparently was doing some work on this trip to Florida, her fans hope she sneaks in some rest and relaxation as well. O’Day has been touring with her DK3 besties Shannon Bex and Dawn Richard, and they’re in the middle of a jam-packed schedule.

Aubrey shared some quick shots of the spa via her Instagram Stories, and then she shared a photo of her wrecked toes that have suffered from the busy tour. At that point, O’Day seemed to be lounging in the water and it’s easy to see why she needed a little downtime.

As the Inquisitr has previously shared, O’Day has been wearing a lot of unique and sultry looks in photos she’s shared lately, many of them also from Fashion Nova. She’s been playing around with her hair a lot as well, toying with shorter lengths and buzzworthy styles.

Aubrey O’Day knows how to work the camera and almost anything she wears looks sexy once she puts it on. The singer’s fans can’t get enough of her sultry photos or on-stage antics and are thrilled that she’s got so many fantastic irons in the fire these days.