Candy Cane Flavors To Jolly Or Ruin Your Holiday This Year: Pickle, Oreo, Clam, Rotisserie Chicken

Sean GallupGetty Images

With the holiday season almost upon us all, the Christmas decorations have already made it onto store shelves and the treats are coming in too. Every year, there is always that new treat which makes its way into the fold and for 2018, it appears as if it will be candy canes. Sure, they’re not exactly something that is “new” as they’ve been around forever, but are you ready to try flavors such as Oreo, pickle, and clam?

There are all kinds of unique things out there and candy canes are turning into the testing grounds for the weird. Sure, there have been Lifesaver-flavored and root-beer-flavored and other kinds aside from regular peppermint, but the off-the-wall versions are beginning to take center stage for Christmas.

For this year, Spangler Candy is selling Oreo-flavored candy canes and they can be yours for a rather low price. A full box of twelve 12-count cradles is a mere $31.74, and for that price, you can combine two of your favorite things into one easy-to-carry-around Christmas treat.

The candy canes have the flavor of Oreos in them and aren’t mixed with a peppermint taste. Except for the shape of the candy itself, there is nothing about them that leads you to think of regular candy canes as they are even black and white instead of red and white.

The Oreo-flavored candy canes may seem rather enticing to you, but there are some on the other end of the spectrum which may make you question humanity.

Fox 8 pointed out one unique flavor of candy cane that may have the mouths of many watering and the lips of others puckering. Pickle candy canes are a real thing with their green-and-white coloring to go along with a flavor which is exactly as you’d expect it to be.

These aren’t exactly new and have been around for a number of years, but sometimes, things just take off thanks to social media. That is the case with pickle candy canes which are gaining in popularity with the holiday season right around the corner.

These candy canes come from a company called Archie McPhee which makes a variety of gag gifts and other fun items. As previously reported by Inquisitr, there are mac and cheese-flavored candy canes, but that is also one of the tamer options when you look at others up for sale.

Here are some of the other options available from Archie McPhee for $5.95 per box:

  • Clamdy Canes (Clam)
  • Bacon
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Coal
  • Krampus ($4.95) – Smoky cinnamon flavor

The Christmas season is one that is a time for family and togetherness, food and comfort, and a whole lot of awesome traditions. Everyone loves what is brought to the table by those gathering to sing carols, exchange presents, and enjoy festive treats. This year, you could add a new tradition to your good times by being the member of your family who brings pickle, Oreo, or even clam-flavored candy canes to your festive good times.