Convicted killer Kenneth Biros executed this morning

Despite last-minute delays stemming from the use of a new, single shot lethal injection, killer Kenneth Biros was put to death this morning at 11:47am EST in Ohio.

Biros was pronounced dead about 43 minutes after entering the “death chamber” at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio. Biros was sentenced to death for the brutal slaying and dismemberment of Tami Engstrom after meeting the woman at a bar in 1991. Engstrom suffered 91 post-mortem wounds and police recovered parts of her body across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Biros described the murder as having been committed in a “drunken rage.”

Biros fought until the execution for a stay, based on the earlier attempted execution of prisoner Romell Broom. (Authorities were unable to find a suitable vein during Broom’s scheduled execution, leading to hours of pain for the condemned prisoner.) The U.S. Supreme Court declined to comment on why a stay of execution was denied. During a meeting last month, a state parole board voted 7-0 to deny clemency to Kenneth Biros.