‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers: Spinelli Teases Intriguing Information On Margaux, Sonny Warns Kristina

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General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, October 25 tease that some interesting developments are on the way. Margaux came to town with an agenda and she’s shown she’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. However, some new information is about to emerge and this may allow Jason and Sonny to turn the tables on her.

The new preview shared via Twitter reveals that Spinelli will need to have a chat with Sam and Jason. It looks like he’s been digging into Margaux’s background and General Hospital spoilers hint that he uncovered something tantalizing.

What has Spinelli learned about Margaux? General Hospital spoilers haven’t uncovered that juicy nugget yet, but She Knows Soaps indicates that Sam will head out of town during Friday’s show and it seems likely these two things are connected.

Jason, Sonny, and Sam would love to learn something about Margaux that they can use to get her off their backs and it sounds as if whatever Spinelli found could do the trick. However, it may take some time yet for this to come together.

Margaux tried to convince Drew to exchange what his memories of Jason’s hold for the flash drive she hid away, and he then opened up to Sonny about the ultimatum. Drew turned her down, but they all still believe that Margaux could be a significant threat to them.

As Spinelli is filling Sam and Jason in on what he uncovered, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Margaux may try yet another approach. She’ll head to Charlie’s to hang out and it looks like she’ll try to get friendly with Kristina.

Margaux will probably try to stay casual and dig for information on Sonny without it seeming suspicious. However, Sonny will pop up and fill Kristina in on who Margaux is and why she should be careful in what she says.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna will surprise Finn with some sexy time and Nina will try to convince Sasha to move to town permanently. In addition, Oscar will catch Julian talking with Alexis and he’ll be outraged that it seems Kim may have sent Julian there to talk Alexis out of representing the ill teen.

What dark secrets are hidden in Margaux’s past? Fans are tossing around plenty of theories right now and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there could be some major bombshells on the way. There’s little doubt that Sonny will come out on top in this battle and viewers are anxious to see how he pulls it off.