Dua Lipa Flaunts Her Bikini Body In Sweet Photos From Vacation To India With Beau Isaac Carew

Christian AugustinGetty Images

English singer and songwriter Dua Lipa has a lot of great projects on her plate right now, but she recently slipped away for a romantic vacation with her boyfriend Isaac Carew. She just shared a couple of photos from their trip to her Instagram page and fans loved her gorgeous bikini shots.

Dua Lipa shared her bikini photos to Instagram on Thursday morning and they instantly took off. The singer tagged them as being taken in Goa, India, and she said that she’d traveled all over the country with Carew during a recent trip.

In the two photos Lipa shared, she’s wearing a fairly simple black bikini. She didn’t tag the bathing suit designer, but it looked perfect for this kind of trip and it showed off her curves beautifully. Dua is smiling in the first photo and smooching her boyfriend in the second shot.

Lipa’s hair is wet and smoothed back over her head and it looks as if the two had been spending some quality time together in the water. Dua kept the accessories minimal, with only her belly button piercing visible along with a couple of tattoos.

The singer’s post quickly became a favorite with her social media followers. Lipa has more than 20 million fans on Instagram and more than 1.5 million of them liked the post within the first few hours.

Dua also received nearly 9,000 comments in the same timeframe. Fans in many languages noted how great it was that she had chosen to vacation in India and people commented on how happy she looked.

Lipa later added a couple of additional posts with photos from the trip, highlighting their safari day as well as a visit they made to a local temple. However, Dua did note that she had made an effort to not have the camera out too much so she could just enjoy the trip.

Lupa is known for her hits like “IDGAF,” “Electricity,” and “New Rules,” and she has other projects coming together right now too. As the Inquisitr detailed, the English singer is working with Adidas on a new campaign and Billboard recently shared that she just did a collaboration with classical music icon Andrea Bocelli that was released this week.

It looks like Dua Lipa’s trip to India with model and chef boyfriend Isaac Carew was the perfect getaway. Fans love how much they toured various areas of the country and it’s clear from the photos the singer has shared that they had an amazing time there together.