Jesse James Decker Strikes A Sexy Pose Atop Her 1959 Ford

Jessie James Decker
Terry Wyatt / Getty Images for South Beach Diet

Singer and author Jessie James Decker thrilled her 3 million Instagram fans with a sexy new post.

Dressed in a white tank top, artfully ripped denim, and high-heeled sandals, Decker leaned casually against her red 1959 Ford convertible, which she called her “little pony,” with her head turned to the side. In the image, the “Flip My Hair” singer wore her long, wavy hair in a high ponytail which hung in waves. She accessorized the casual look with hoop earrings.

The Just Jesse author’s followers responded positively with more than 76,000 comments in mere hours. Several absolutely loved her hair. One fan asked, “your hair is always on point! Do you use anything or do any treatments on your hair to keep it looking gorgeous?!” Another asked, “How do you get that perfect pony?!”

The 30-year-old star of Eric & Jessie: Game On gave birth to her third child, a son named Forrest, with husband Eric Decker earlier this year in April, according to an Inquisitr report. In order to regain her fit figure after her third baby arrived, Decker said she’s been following the South Beach diet (she’s a spokesperson for it) and exercising as much as she can even though she’s not worried about what others think about her.

Women’s Health reported that Decker recently gained 10 pounds, which thrilled her.

Decker explained,

“I’m fit and eating better calories and really keeping track of my protein intake! My goal as a mom of 3 now is to be healthy and fit and feel good.”

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My little pony

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She’s about six months postpartum after giving birth to Forrest. The “I Look So Good” singer said she prefers her body now even though she hasn’t quite met her goal weight just yet.

Part of what helped the singer get fit was lifting weights. “I’m weightlifting, and it’s really fun because I started at 5 lbs., and then I got up to the 10’s, and now I’m at the point where I’m using my 20-lb. dumbbells and I feel good. It’s a slow process, but I can just see the gradual progress, and it feels great,” she shared. “I’m working out even harder now.”

Last year she told People that she spends about 20 minutes working out whenever she can. Now, she has three children to chase around, which may make it even tougher to find the time to fit in workouts, but a healthy mom is what her children needs, and it’s clear from her Instagram pictures that Decker is putting in the work to stay that way.