New Facebook Feature Allows Users To Add Music To Their Profiles And Posts

Facebook just announced tons of new music features for the platform, Forbes is reporting. In June, Facebook first introduced Lip Sync Live, where users can film themselves singing along to their favorite songs. This feature was created to rival successful apps such as TikTok -- formerly On Tuesday, October 24, it was revealed that Facebook would be rolling out even more ways to incorporate music.

One new feature allows users to add music to pictures and videos featured on either their News Feed or their Facebook Story. People can use the Facebook Camera feature, or retrieve footage from their camera roll on their phones -- and a sticker icon will appear upon downloading. All you need to do is click the sticker icon and choose the music sticker -- voilà!

The new feature making the most buzz, however, is one in which people can attach a song to their profile page. Those familiar with the earlier social media landscape will remember having this option on MySpace. Most social media users ditched MySpace for Facebook, but many missed the ability to add a song to their profiles. Now, it looks like Facebook's got that covered!

The Facebook team has been working hard on finding new and novel ways to incorporate music into the site since late last year. They have made this initiative a priority, and reportedly have offered hundreds of millions of dollars to record labels and music publishers for the use of their songs. In July, Instagram -- which is owned by Facebook -- was able to introduce a new option for users to add songs to their pictures and videos uploaded to their Instagram Stories. Now, this option has bled over to the parent company.

"Moments are remembered and accentuated with music," said Tamara Hrivnak, Facebook's Head of Music Business Development and Partnerships, in an official statement. "... and we can't wait to see all the ways people around the world get creative with these features, make memories and have fun with friends and family."

In an interview with Variety in June, Hrivnak was asked about Facebook's transition to incorporate more music.

"There's no better moment to bring people together with a bonding force like music than now. We're excited to be in the music business and be in this conversation," she said. "We've essentially said music is new to us — not artist interaction, which has been happening for many years — but bringing music to people on Facebook is new, and we want your help to do it well. We don't have all the answers — and we want to build the future together with you."