Amy Duggar King Shares Details Of A Brand New Business Venture Coming Soon

Jared SiskinGetty Images

Amy Duggar King has a brand new adventure to look forward to. She is no longer involved in reality TV — at least for now — but she does have something else coming up that she is excited about. The girl who is known for being the rebel in the family will be starting a new business. She is slated to open her own clothing boutique in December.

Radar Online relays the details which Amy Duggar had shared with them on the topic of her business venture. The store will be located close to where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar live with their huge family. The boutique is in Springdale, which is not too far from Tontitown, where the Duggars reside. The shop will be called 3130. She put a lot of thought into the details of what theme she wanted for her new place of business — and also into the unusual name. Amy said that the meaning behind the name comes from a verse in the Bible.

“It stands for Proverbs 31, which is the beauty of a woman. I just want to capture the essence of a woman in the clothing, with a lot of different textures and curated items. Just different pieces that are specialty and fun.”

She is certainly different from the rest of her cousins, especially in her clothing choices. Amy Duggar has not been shy about wearing a pair of jeans when she is visiting her reality TV family. Even her wedding dress was strapless, which would be unheard of in any other Duggar weddings.

Her cheeky, expressive personality will be reflected in the clothing that she has hand picked to sell in her store. She explained that customers will see a few items that are low-cut, as well as other fun necklines. In addition, there will be things such as rompers — and plenty of denim pieces. However, don’t expect to go shopping for a t-shirt because there won’t be a single one in her store.

Her new place is expected to be more on the feminine side when it comes to the interior decor. Amy wants the design to be upscale with plush and velvet furniture, but affordable as it pertains to the price tag.

The Duggar cousin was always seen as the rebel of the family as she appeared in several episodes of 19 Kids and Counting. She originally wanted to be a country singer, but veered off that road. She has since gotten married to her soul mate, Dillion King, and has moved on from being a part of TLC. Her new store will undoubtedly be keeping her quite busy for a while.