‘B&B’ Spoilers: Thorne Tells Seemingly Unconscious Bill That Ridge Bribed The Judge

Don Diamont and Heather Tom of 'Bold and the Beautiful'
Angela Weiss / Getty Images

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, October 25 — and Friday, October 26 — reveal that a confrontation between Katie (Heather Tom) and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) will lead to Thorne making a stunning admission to Bill (Don Diamont). Eric (John McCook) will also intervene when Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Pam’s (Alley Mills) argument blows up.

Quinn does not want Pam to get married in her house. She has made it clear to both the bride and her husband that she feels disrespected in her house, due to Pam’s insistence that she marries Charlie in her home. According to Highlight Hollywood, Eric will need to referee the argument between his wife and former sister-in-law.

Pam wants to marry beneath the portrait of her late sister Stephanie (Susan Flannery), while Quinn refuses to take her own portrait down. Things escalated when Quinn asked Pam if she took her medication, referring to Pam’s history of mental instability. Pam then threatened to break Quinn’s broomstick — and that she would have someone drop a house on Quinn if she dared to ruin her wedding day.

Inquisitr reported that Eric will ask himself some hard questions as the drama heats up. He will need to ask himself why he doesn’t seem to mind Pam putting up Stephanie’s portrait — even though he knows how deeply it affects his wife. Is it possible that he still views Stephanie as the true Forrester matriarch?

Katie is facing the real possibility that her son may grow up without his father, and it frightens her to death. She has begged Bill to live, crying that Will (Finnegan George) needs his father in his life. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that she will be grappling with difficult questions when she turns to her new husband and asks him what she will tell Will if Bill dies. How can she tell the little boy — whose life has just been turned upside down by the custody ruling — that his father may die?

Thorne will be deeply affected by the questions that Katie confronts him with. He feels guilty for accompanying Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to Bill’s house, and for not doing more to stop the physical altercation. He knows that if Bill dies, Katie will need to tell Will the horrible new and that the boy will grow up without his dad, according to the latest spoilers.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette confirms that Thorne will sneak into Bill’s room — feeling extremely guilty after speaking with Katie — and he will offer Bill some new information. Bold and the Beautiful viewers know that there is only one piece of information that Thorne has that Bill doesn’t: Ridge manipulated Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) into ruling in Katie’s favor.

Does Bill wake up at the time of Thorne’s confession — or does someone else hear the admission? Tune in to Bold and the Beautiful to find out, then check back with Inquisitr for the latest spoilers, recaps, and casting news.