Four New Macs Likely To Be Announced Soon Based On Regulatory Filings

iOS has owned the spotlight for the last several weeks. That includes the lion share of the rumors leading up to the Apple October event scheduled for later this month. Sure, there have been analyst speculation and wish-casting for new Macs. But there has been nothing solid to go on, that is, until now.

AppleInsider reported on a new regulatory filing in Eurasia.

“Spotted by Consomac and MySmartPrice, the newly updated filings show a total of what appear to be eight desktop Macs of which three are new. The listed model numbers A1993, A2115, and A2116 that all haven’t been seen before. The only detail against any of the models is that they run macOS 10.14 so the other five are likely to be current Mac models updated to that OS.”

These filings are typically very accurate predictors of what is just around the corner. Apple does not make such filings until they absolutely have to. And new model numbers are always a sure sign of something new just around the corner.

What is less sure is the nature of the new items. Apple’s desktop lineup includes iMacs, Mac minis, and Mac Pros. The iMac is Apple’s consumer flagship. The mini has an almost cult following. And while the Mac Pro has a small following, it might well be the most important segment of Apple’s desktop market.

Adding to the speculation and wish-casting is the fact that the Mac mini has seemingly been left for dead by Apple, receiving no updates in over four years. One could be forgiven for suggesting that it has been allowed to rot on the vine.

The Mac Pro is almost the same situation except for the fact that Apple has publicly acknowledged the problem with the Mac Pro and has promised an upgrade.

MacBook Air

Desktops aside, the MacBook Air is likely the Mac causing Apple the most problems. It is the only complete Mac a person can buy for under $1,000. And it has a display that is much less appealing than everything it has made for the past several years.

It is believed that Apple will not simply update the display and call it a day. Industry watchers speculate that Apple is planning to sunset the MacBook Air and replace it with something completely new that slots well into the desired price range as well as fitting in with Apple’s modern laptop sensibilities.