Jinger Duggar Is Living Her Best Life And There Are Photos To Prove It

Jinger Duggar has certainly come a long way since her days as being known as the fourth daughter born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Now she is married and has started a family of her own. You could say that she is living her best life these days.

The mom of one has been sharing plenty of Instagram photos of her husband Jeremy Vuolo and her sweet baby girl Felicity Nicole, who is now 3-months-old. She just posted three snaps in a row of an outing that her family was on. These pictures reveal a lot about her life in Texas with her growing family.

Before Felicity came into their lives, Jinger and Jeremy spent their time as newlyweds enjoying each other and getting used to married life. This was so different than how the other Duggar girls did things. Jill, Jessa, Joy, Anna, and Kendra all got pregnant pretty quickly after they wed. Duggar fans took notice that Jinger did not get pregnant right away and they embraced that. They also took notice of other changes in her life as well.

This Duggar daughter has always loved fashion and she also loves to travel. After she and Jeremy got hitched and she moved to Texas with him, her style changed quite a bit. She started wearing pants and shorts which was a no-no in Arkansas where she grew up in her parents’ home. Sister Jill followed suit as well. Now Jinger still dresses modestly, but she includes pants in her wardrobe now and everyone is always commenting on how cute she looks in her outfits.

Now that she has a baby girl, the Counting On star uses her fashion sense on her as well. Despite a few mom shamers who really hate those knotted head wraps that Jinger puts on her daughter, most people love how cute Felicity is dressed.

On the family’s most recent outing, Felicity is seen wearing a light blue outfit with a matching hair band on her head. In one close up photo of her, she is being held by Jeremy. The caption read, “Safe in Daddy’s arms.”

The next snapshot had the couple both holding up their daughter between them with proud smiles on their faces. The third Instagram photo revealed a little romance going on. Jinger and Jeremy are seen standing on a sidewalk in an embrace. They are looking lovingly at each other. Jinger looks happy, healthy, and loving her new life with her husband and daughter.

Jeremy couldn’t let his wife have all the fun. He also took to his Instagram account to post another photo of the two of them together. As if it couldn’t get any more romantic, he wrote, “Can’t take my eyes off of her.” Duggar fans were melting over his comment. If you really want to have your heart melted into a puddle, the proud daddy also posted a short video on Instagram of his baby girl smiling and giggling. You can’t get much sweeter than that.

Jinger Duggar seems quite happy with how her life has turned out. There is sure to be more kids in their future, but for now, she is just enjoying the time with her “little family” and loving every minute of it.