Sofia Richie Dons Red Bra, Wig, & Shorts While Holding A Cherry

Sofia Richie went all red for her newest Instagram post, where she wore a bright, matching ensemble. The model wore a red bra, shiny spandex-looking shorts, and a matching wig. Plus, she held a red cherry in her right hand, which she looked at while leaning on a white couch. Sofia also wore some bright red eyeliner, as she captioned the photo, "Dare to play."

Some of her fans thought that she was dressing up for Halloween, while others said they wanted to wear her outfit for the occasion. Some let her know that she looked "Stunning in red," while others said, "You look amazing!!" One of her Insta stories also showed her getting her wig cut for the photoshoot, which she captioned "Rebecca."

This was also the second photo she shared while wearing a bra, as she posted another photo earlier the same day wearing a pink ensemble. In that photo, Sofia wore a pink bra, shorts, and a white-and-pink fuzzy, oversized sweater. She had blonde hair with pink highlights, which was likely a wig, and held her dog in her left hand. That picture she captioned, "Welcome to my crib." Many fans asked her where they could get the jacket, while others commented on how cute her dog looked.

And fans aren't the only ones that think Sofia looks great. According to the Hollywood Life, her boyfriend Scott Disick wholeheartedly agrees. An insider said the following.
"Scott thinks Sofia looks amazing and he is more attracted to her today than ever before. Scott and Sofia are in a really good place together, he never thought he could love anyone as much as he did Kourtney... He also never thought that he would be more attracted to anyone as much as he was with Kourtney, but Sofia proved that wrong too."
That's some serious props to Richie, who's been dealing with rumors that his ex-Kourtney Kardashian wanted to get back together with him. Not only that, a source claimed that Sofia's been a positive influence on Scott, who's now living his life in a healthier way and partying less.

Meanwhile, Kourtney is reportedly surprised that the couple is still together.

"Kourtney is surprised and shocked that Scott is still in a relationship with Sofia. Kourtney never believed that Scott and Sofia had much in common and always felt their age difference would create problems."
Whatever it is, Sofia and Scott seem to be doing very well, and if rumors are true, it sounds like the match has been a positive thing for both of them.