JooJoo Video Debuts, Offers 4GB SSD, 720P HD Support

Yesterday we announced that the CrunchPad had been renamed JooJoo. We also showed off some of the devices features which included a 12.1″ capacitive touchscreen with 1,366 x 768 pixels of resolutions. Today we have more specs for the device and a video preview of the unit in action.

First, the device features a 4GB SSD, while relying on two-finger gesture controls and an on-screen Qwerty keyboard which unfortunately Cnet calls “positioned poorly.” Thankfully users can also take advantage of a USB or Bluetooth keyboard on the tablet for more drawn out projects.

The JooJoo also offers 720p HD video support, which streams over the devices WiFi in most cases due to memory restrictions. Users should however keep in mind that a strong WiFi connection will be needed, as Cnet points out they had issues with HD output on a weaker WiFi network.

Here’s the video:

Pre-orders begin this Friday December 11th for $499. Users can expect their units to arrive in eight to 10 weeks.