Kendra Wilkinson Defends Breast Implants, Calling Them The 'Best Investment' Of Her life

Kendra Wilkinson is sick of people talking about her breasts.

Throughout her career, Wilkinson has been known for showing off her amazing body and being incredibly confident in her own skin. The 33-year-old first gained fame after dating Hugh Hefner and appearing on the hit show Girls Next Door, where she regularly showed off her ample assets. But Wilkinson is sick of the haters and wants to shut them down once and for all.

Earlier today, the mother of two went on Instagram to go on somewhat of a rant. Along with a photo of her breasts in a bra with part of her abs showing, Wilkinson let her fans know the way that she feels about her body. To start the post, Wilkinson explains that she gets a lot of flak for her large breasts, but the truth is, she doesn't have the intention of dressing in a way to get either attention or a man.

The former reality star explains that she first got her breasts done at the age of 18 because she was a tomboy and she wanted to do something for herself to make her feel more like a chick, even before she was a Playboy model.

"Ended up being the best investment of my life but at the end of the day I'm still that Tom boy who can care less what a man thinks. I try not to look like I'm flaunting them because i really don't."
Kendra then went on to slam the haters for making comments about her wearing a tank top before explaining that like other women, she used her breasts to feed her children. She also said that like other women, her boobs also jiggle and bounce and she doesn't have time to blame herself for looking a certain way.

"I enjoy living in the moment and being free with my friends and kids so everything else that people seem think is their problem not mine," the mother of two explained. "I literally can have a day where I'm only focused on my kids and school and sports, one pic is taken n people say to 'grow up.'"

To end the rant, she sarcastically apologizes to fans if her boobs are making them mad.

"I'm doing my job as a mother and a woman every minute of every day. Sooooo in the end i speak not only for myself but for other women who have boobs too."
So far, Kendra's Instagram post has earned her a ton of attention with over 83,000 likes in addition to 4,500 comments within just five hours of the post going live. Luckily for Wilkinson, most of the comments are positive with fans commenting on the post to tell Kendra to drown out the haters and live her life.