Keairra Woods, Texas Woman Who Abandoned 2-Year-Old On Stranger’s Doorstep, Tells Her Side Of The Story

Keairra Woods, the Texas woman who was caught on surveillance camera video allegedly abandoning a toddler on a stranger’s doorstep and then fleeing, is giving her side of the story, CBS News is reporting. She blames GPS and the infant’s mother.

Last week, a viral video began making the rounds of the internet. Taken from a homeowner’s surveillance camera, the video appears to show a woman – later identified as Keairra Woods – leaving a 2-year-old on a stranger’s doorstep, ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door, and then running away.

Authorities at first believed that this was a case of a mother abandoning her baby, but the truth turned out to be slightly less disturbing, but still horrifying. The woman actually had been caring for the child, who was the 2-year-old son of a friend. The mother of the child, whose name (the child’s) was later revealed to be Royal Simmons, had asked Woods to drop off the boy at his father’s house, not being able to do so because the father’s current wife had a restraining order against the boy’s mother.

And Woods left him at the wrong house; as reported by the Inquisitr, the child’s father lived at the house next door.

Speaking to KTRK-TV (Houston), Woods says that the entire thing was just a giant misunderstanding.

She says, first of all, that she didn’t “abandon” the baby there at the stranger’s home with no adults. She said that what the surveillance video doesn’t show is the homeowner approaching the door as Woods is ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door.

“OK, so I ring the doorbell, the lady walks like halfway to the door. That’s when I took off running.”

So why did she leave before an adult could take the child into their care? First, she says, it was cold, and she wanted to get back to her car where it was warm. Second, she thought “the lady” was the child’s stepmother, and she (Woods) didn’t want to have an interaction with her.

As for why she wound up at the wrong house, she blames GPS, as well as Royal’s mother. Woods says she was talking to Royal’s mom on her cell phone the entire time, and that she (Woods) believed, based on what she was saying to the baby’s mother, that she was at the right place.

Whether or not a jury is going to accept Woods’ excuses remains to be seen. She faces a charge of child abandonment; it is not clear, as of this writing, when she will appear in court.