Julia Roberts Drops Bombshell About Her Future In Movies

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Academy-award winning actress Julia Roberts just dropped a bombshell admission about her future in movies, and it will take many of her longtime fans by surprise.

Roberts admitted that although she has made a long and prosperous career starring in some of the most romantic comedies of the past 30 years, she is stepping down from the genre to focus on other types of roles.

Entertainment Tonight reported that fans of the beloved actress shouldn’t hold their breath when it comes to seeing her starring in any romantic comedy films in the future.

The actress explained she feels she’s had too much life experience to convincingly star in a rom-com at this point.

“Unless we [play] the parents of the people that are rom-com-ing,” Roberts quipped to Entertainment Tonight.

Roberts has starred in the iconic romantic comedies Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Runaway Bride, and Notting Hill since making her big-screen debut in 1988’s Mystic Pizza.

The actress’s last role in that particular film genre was in director Garry Marshall’s 2016 ensemble film Mother’s Day, which was a rom-com but Roberts did not play the romantic lead in the film. Rather, her story journaled her life as a mother who reconnected with her child.

Roberts said to Entertainment Tonight, “There came a point in my career where people thought I had turned on romantic comedies, which I love them, I love to be in them, I love to watch them.”

She added, “But sometimes, they just don’t work at a certain point of life experience.”

The Oscar winner, who scored a golden statuette in 2000 for the drama Erin Brockovich, feels that audiences just do not believe she can pass for the naive and emotionally conflicted women portrayed in those types of films anymore.

“It’s not about age, it’s just about what people know that you know,” Roberts explained.

Roberts currently stars in the Amazon drama series Homecoming, which pairs her once again with her former My Best Friend’s Wedding co-star Dermot Mulroney. The actress stars as Heidi, a former caseworker at a government facility that once helped soldiers transition back into the world as a civilian.

Heidi is “haunted by paranoia, conspiracies, and memories she didn’t know existed,” said the entertainment news outlet.

The actress recently came under fire by fans who criticized her appearance in an Instagram post shared by niece Emma Roberts, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

Roberts newest film Ben Is Back takes a darker look at the effects of drug addiction on a family. It also stars Lucas Hedges. It will be released on December 7.