Chanel West Coast Flaunts Derriere In Sexy Tin Man Costume

Mizuki Hisaka

Ridiculousness' Chanel West Coast posted a picture from her show at Columbia Theatre in Ohio, and fans love it. In the photo, the rapper can be seen grabbing a hold of a booth with her right hand as she danced with her left hand in the air. Chanel looked away from the camera, and accentuated her derriere as she busted out a dance move. It looks like she's wearing some tiny, silver shorts with shiny, thigh-high silver boots. She also wore a cute Tin Man hat, and made sure to tell her fans what the costume was, so there would be no confusion.

People reacted positively on Instagram, with some fans letting Chanel know that she's the best Tin Man they've ever seen. Others were sad that they'd missed the performance, while another told her that "You have the hottest outfits always."

Chanel's Instagram stories are also filled with video clips from another show, during which she sported a cute tube-top and wore her hair in braids. She also got a ton of love from her fans for her recent series of sultry lingerie pics, which showed her lounging on a bed with roses. Chanel initially had a post of the Ridiculousness crew sandwiched between the lingerie photos, but has since deleted the post promoting the show.

"My first thought when people say Fear Factor is eating bugs. But when they told me it would be the episode with other hip-hop artists I thought, 'This is going to be tight. I'm down for this.' That made me want to do it even more."
"I thought they were going to have me do way more scary stuff. I would love to go back on the show if there was a way to come back for the next round. I would love to come back to do something scarier because I felt like the first challenge was really funny."