‘General Hospital’ Embraces ‘Bullying Prevention Month,’ Kelly Monaco, Billy Miller Post Selfie For The Cause

Rick RowellABC

The stars of General Hospital are banding together to support “Bullying Prevention Month,” and many of the cast members are sharing photos on social media speaking out for the cause. Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco, who play Drew and Sam, have worked together to try to confront bullying before, and they’re back to do it again.

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller hate to see General Hospital fans arguing and acting hateful toward one another, but it happens a lot in relation to their characters. There are the “DreAm” fans who want Drew and Sam together, the “Killy” fans who love Kelly and Billy as a pair in their regular life, and the “JaSam” folks who want to see Jason and Sam reunited.

Unfortunately, things got intense when Steve Burton returned as the “real” Jason Morgan. Even after all of these months, the various factions within the General Hospital fandom remain at odds with one another over some of these pairings, and the Sam/Drew versus Sam/Jason groups are some of the most vocal ones out there.

While Billy doesn’t maintain a significant social media presence, Kelly is on both Twitter and Instagram. She doesn’t post as often as she used to, and that seems to be at least to some degree due to the hatred and bullying that she was subjected to frequently.

It looks like for Bullying Prevention Month, Monaco thought it was time to post another photo. This latest one shows her with Miller and they are once again trying to persuade fans of the show to show kindness over hatred.

Sadly, numerous followers went after one another in the comments as is so often the case with this pairing. In this instance, things even got quite political in some comments, and it would certainly appear that Kelly and Billy’s anti-bullying pleas were lost on many of Monaco’s followers.

Others from General Hospital shared posts for “Spirit Day” as well. Eden McCoy (Josslyn), Rebecca Herbst (Liz), Roger Howarth (Franco), Lynn Herring (Lucy), and others shared posts via their social media pages too and fans loved them all.

Will these latest social media posts from General Hospital stars have any impact on the show’s fans in terms of being kinder toward one another? Soap opera fans often have strong opinions about their shows and are passionate about what they love and hate, but it looks like the show’s stars are doing their best to encourage love and kindness over hate and bullying.