Jill Duggar In Trouble Again, This Time For Letting Her Husband Vacuum For Her

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No matter what Jill Duggar posts on social media, it seems that many people will find fault with something she says or does. Between the recipes she sends out, or photos of her loved ones that she shares with fans, the comments made slam her at every turn. Her newest post on Instagram brought many negative comments about her choice of wording about her husband, Derick Dillard, helping to keep her house clean.

The Duggar daughter sent out a few Instagram photos of her little ones, Israel and Samuel, eating lunch that their mom made on Sunday. Of course, that brought on all sorts of comments that told her how icky the rice and beans looked, or that wasn’t enough food for their lunch. However, it was the third snapshot that got even more negative words from those who were not too keen on what Jill said.

Derick is in the photo vacuuming their living room floor. He looks hard at work helping his wife out. She was in the kitchen tending to their lunch. Jill mentioned how happy she was for his help in house cleaning. After she promoted the recipe on their site, she thanked him for helping her out.

“Also, my hubby is the best!❤️ Last pic is him vacuuming for me while I prepared lunch!” she wrote on Instagram.

Apparently, her choice of using the phrase, “vacuuming for me,” got people in a twist. They wanted to know why it is only her duty to vacuum, that it should be his duty as well, not just hers. They were both chided for making it sound like that is only a woman’s duty to clean her house and that he should be doing it anyway.

Duggar fans were quick on the draw to give their two cents about their own households where the dad goes out and works all day while they stay home and care for the house and the kids. Some even mentioned that their hubbies help them out as well.

Jill and Derick are no longer a part of TLC, but they do keep everyone updated on their family. The former reality TV stars seem to make do these days. Derick is attending law school, while his wife keeps the fires burning at home. It seems to work for them, as Duggar fans point out. Unfortunately, Jill’s recipes get a lot of negativity due to their lack of nutritional value and not enough seasoning, according to some that let her know how they feel about them on her timeline.

TLC’s Counting On is between seasons right now, but the married Duggar couples try to keep the photos coming as much as they can. They will most likely be back for another season soon, all except for Jill and Derick.