Here Is A List Of Every American State's Statistically Favorite Horror Movie

Depending on one's location, what someone finds scary may be completely benign to someone in a different location. For example, someone who lives in a heavily populated metropolitan area may find rural "hillbilly horror" to be truly terrifying, while someone living in rural areas may be more afraid of the supernatural.

There are all types of different elements filmmakers consider when trying to terrify an audience. Some viewers are disturbed by psychological horror (mother!, Jacob's Ladder, The Babadook), while others find real-life sadistic killers to be more jarring (Se7en, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). According to a report from SlashFilm, data has been gathered from a number of sources, including Rotten Tomatoes to compile a list of which states prefer which specific horror films.

Streaming Observer elaborated on their method from compiling the data.

"Using data from Rotten Tomatoes, proprietary Amazon MTurk surveying, and other public sources, we compiled a list of the most popular horror movies of all time. Then, we partnered with Mindnet Analytics and used Google Trends data to determine which horror movie each state was most obsessed with relative to other states."
That said, the results may be surprising to some. Alabama and North Carolina both seem to prefer the first Halloween film from 1978. Colorado predictably went with The Shining, considering the hotel which inspired Stephen King's book is located in that state. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Minnesota went with The Silence of the Lambs. Washington D.C., Vermont, and Hawaii fear The Exorcist, while Kentucky and Iowa went with the comedy-horror classic Evil Dead 2.
Delaware and Idaho seem to like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds the most, while Connecticut and Oregon went with the foreign horror movies Pan's Labyrinth and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

Take a look below for the remaining horror movie picks by state.

  • Florida: This is the End
  • Georgia: Get Out
  • Illinois: The House of the Devil
  • Indiana: Frankenstein
  • Kansas: Shaun of the Dead
  • Louisiana: Get Out
  • Maine: The Host
  • Maryland: Blair Witch Project
  • Michigan: Near Dark
  • Mississippi: Drag Me to Hell
  • Montana: Young Frankenstein
  • Nebraska: King Kong
  • Nevada: Shaun of the Dead
  • New Hampshire: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • New Mexico: Bride of Frankenstein
  • New York: Psycho
  • North Dakota: Aliens
  • Oklahoma: This is the End
  • Rhode Island: The Love Witch
  • South Carolina: The Loved Ones
  • South Dakota: Cabin in the Woods
  • Tennessee: The Witch
  • Texas: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Utah: Zombieland
  • Virginia: Drag Me to Hell
  • Washington: Shaun of the Dead
  • West Virginia: A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Wisconsin: Shaun of the Dead
  • Wyoming: The Babadook
So, do you feel this list accurately depicts your home state's favorite horror movie?