Find Out If Prince Harry Is Hoping For A Baby Boy Or Girl With Meghan Markle

Royal baby fever is just beginning, but people can't wait to find out if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be having a boy or a girl. However, royal protocol dictates that no one find out the gender of the baby before the birth. It's been rumored that in the past, even Kate and William didn't know Prince George's gender, but that they knew Louis', according to Southern Living.

But that doesn't mean that the couple has to be silent about the gender completely. People Magazine is wondering if Prince Harry's offhand remark that he made to a fan could be a hint about the gender of the baby.

During a short exchange between a fan and Harry caught by Harry_Meghn_Up's Instagram page, someone shouted out to the Prince that "I hope...I hope it's a girl." To that, Harry responded, "So do I!"

The comment has fans speculating widely on the video. One person detailed how they hope it's a girl for the sake of Charles, who's always wanted a daughter. They believe that although Charlotte is in the picture, that he may not see her as often as Meghan and Harry's baby. Some are even saying they think it's actually a set of twins, not just one baby. A fan also noted, "Think he probably regrets saying that now as the press will run with it."

The news of Meghan's pregnancy came at the heels of weeks of speculation. Between the blue Jason Wu dress that appeared to reveal a baby bump, the Duchess refusing to take off her coat for Eugenie's wedding, and her holding books in front of her stomach, fans had been going wild with wonder.

And so far, it appears that the news of the royal baby has brought out the best in her media-loving America family members. Half-sister Samantha has expressed that she wants to put all of the drama aside for the baby. Meanwhile, Thomas only had great things to say about his future grandkid, detailed People.

"The first thing I thought about was holding Meghan in my arms as a newborn 37 years ago. I was the first person in the world to hold Meghan."
In addition to wondering about the baby's gender, bookies are already busy taking bets on the name of the baby. For girls, here are the top choices, described Hello Magazine.
"The early favourites are Victoria, 15/2, and James, 9/1, after a smattering of bets landed straight after this morning's announcement, while Diana, like with William and Kate's baby betting down the years, is also popular at 12/1."