Kim Kardashian Shown In Thong Bikini Bottom, Giving Middle Finger In Khloe’s Birthday Homage

Kim Kardashian attends a Tiffany & Co. event.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Today is reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s birthday, and sister Khloe simply couldn’t resist posting a hilarious — yet touching — throwback homage to her sibling on Instagram.

The series of images posted to Khloe Kardashian’s account are comprised of a selection of throwback pictures from the past, including — most notably — a sassy snap of the second eldest sister flipping the bird to the camera while wearing a white crop top and a pink thong bikini bottom. The television personality has her trademark raven locks tied back in what appears to be a high ponytail, with her long tresses cascading down her shoulders and back. Wearing a pair of slick reflective sunglasses and a saucy pout that sees Kim’s lips pushed out prominently in a devilish expression, it’s clear from the scene that the entertainment entrepreneur is feeling herself as the picture is taken.

An unidentified woman can be seen on the beach in the background, with the entire image being filtered under a harsh soft focus that blurs most of the details from view. Tall buildings can be faintly made out in the distance on the left, with the expansive shoreline creeping into the photographic frame on the right.

This first picture is from August 27, and was, at least according to Kim’s caption on the original photo, captured on Miami Beach.

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Miami Beach

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In Khloe’s version of the Instagram share, she also includes a number of other photographs showing Kim hanging out with her other family members. Khloe captioned the post with an extensive — and sweet — message to her sister. Her first paragraph makes her sentiment quite clear, though the following paragraphs include a fair bit of elaboration of her point.

“Happy birthday sweet Kimberly!!! My entire life, you’ve always been someone that I look up to. To me, You are super woman!! I’m not sure how you do it all and make everything look so easy. People have no idea how selfless of a human being you are. With no credit wanted either.”

It would seem that Khloe Kardashian’s followers tend to agree, with the younger Kardashian sister’s post having been showered with over 1.3 million likes and more than 6,400 comments since having gone live just a few hours ago.

Kim Kardashian will be 38-years-old today, having been born on October 21, 1980. Kim is the second oldest Kardashian sister, with Kourtney Kardashian being older than Kim by a span of about a year and a half.