‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mary Pat Returns For Halloween, She Could Be Kevin’s Only Hope

JC OliveraGetty Images

Halloween is coming up on General Hospital and things are looking quite scary in Port Charles. With Ryan Chamberlain on the loose, it could get even more terrifying by the minute. There is also another frightening face who will be returning to the ABC soap very soon.

According to ABC Soaps In Depth, actress Patricia Bethune will be back on screen in her role as nurse Mary Pat. She is the one who did her best to torment Carly Corinthos during her stay at Ferncliff. She loves to get in your face and to dish out plenty of drugs at the mental facility to keep everyone in line. Mary Pat hasn’t been seen since August, but she will be back on General Hospital possibly to tie in with the Ryan/Kevin storyline.

Kevin Collins has been locked up at Ferncliff ever since his twin brother attacked him and took his place. No one knows that the person running around Port Charles with Kevin’s face is really his supposed dead brother. That will all change soon enough as Ryan’s killing spree is about to begin.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps hints that viewers will see Mary Pat on their screens on Monday, October 29. The week of Halloween sounds scary already. However, there may be a small light at the end of the tunnel for Kevin. More spoilers for the same day that the big bad nurse is expected to back say that Kevin may have just a little glimmer of hope after all. That seems to suggest that maybe somehow he can convince Mary Pat that he is not his serial killer brother.

Kevin has worked with Mary Pat at Ferncliff while he has been taking care of patients. They did clash quite a bit, especially over her treatment of Carly. He would know many things that Ryan wouldn’t. If Kevin can rattle off some secrets that only those two would know, maybe he will convince her that he isn’t Ryan Chamberlain.

Mary Pat may just be the hero in all of this if she would be able to help Kevin Collins get out of his straight jacket at Ferncliff to stop Ryan. Unfortunately, this would put the nurse in grave danger if she is the one who helps blow his cover. She could become one of Ryan’s casualties in all of this.

Halloween may prove to be one terrifying event this year on General Hospital. Hopefully, Ryan can be stopped before he really goes berserk.