‘B&B’s’ Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Reveals Baby Bump In Sexy Leopard Print Bikini

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Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has revealed her baby bump on her Instagram feed. The actress, who plays Steffy Forrester, glows as she sits on the beach with rugged rocks in the background. The star is five-and-a-half months along and in the pic she is holding her rounded tummy while wearing a leopard print bikini which enhances her growing curves. MacInnes Wood’s hair is tousled and falls softly over her shoulders and chest while she stares into the camera.

Fans are delighted with the news and share their love and excitement at the impending birth. One said that they had their own suspicions about her pregnancy status, “I knew it! I watch an episode last week and I told my mom that you have a bump.”

While others offered some words of advice to the new mother before congratulating her, like this individual who said, “Congratulations!!! Motherhood is by far the best thing on earth! You’ll never experience love like the love you have for your child! You are absolutely stunning and that child is so blessed to have you as it’s mother! So excited for you and your family!”

Of course, at least one of her co-stars weighed in and commented on her photo. Don Diamont, who plays Bill Spencer and one of her previous love interests, posted a funny note. Fans loved his interaction and said that he was so funny. Of course, many fans would like nothing more than a “Still” baby.

“WOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! Yay! Congratulations‼ If the baby looks anything like me I had nothing to do……… Oh wait! Sorry! That’s my character! so happy for you guys”

The Inquisitr reported that MacInnes Wood is pregnant and recently broke the news to her cast mates. She posted her announcement on the B&B set. In the scene, she models one of intimates lingerie pieces. In the end, she grabs the microphone and tells them, “I just wanna let you all know: your girl is pregnant!”

The star’s excitement is contagious and she cannot wait for this new chapter in her life. MacInnes Wood and her husband Elan Ruspoli tied the knot in July. They had been engaged for eight months, then decided to elope during the summer break.

Although she waited to tell her co-stars the news, she had already informed B&B’s executive producer, Brad Bell, a month ago. He is “thrilled” for MacInnes Wood, but won’t be writing her pregnancy into the storyline. MacInnes Wood says that her growing belly will be hiding behind desks and she would be holding objects in front of her stomach in the coming months.

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The rumors are truuuuee!! It’s not just a burrito in my belly it’s a burrito AND A BABY!!!! Ya gurrrlls PREGNANT!! ????????❤️????????❤️???? So excited for this new chapter and SO happy I get to share it with all of you! When the storyline called for Steffy to model in the Intimates Lingerie fashion show, I wasn’t going to step down because I’m pregnant. I was going to strut my stuff and embrace it! And that’s what I’m doing. Embracing this journey. Thank you for all of your love and continued support and a BIG Thank You to Brad Bell for allowing me to announce in such a special way. #willneverforgetthismoment #boldandbeautiful #Cbs #pregnant #5andhalfmonthspregnant

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