Lana Del Rey Speaks Out About Her Stalker’s Prison Sentence

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Michael Shawn Hunt, the 43-year-old man who was arrested and convicted for stalking Lana Del Rey, has been sentenced to serve one year in prison. Hunt reportedly took a plea deal and will get credit for the 245 days he has already spent in jail.

According to MSN, Hunt was arrested with a knife outside of the Del Rey’s concert in Orlando, Florida. In court, he pleaded no contest to stalking, and the weapons charges and charges of aggravated stalking brought against him were dropped. After the news of his sentencing broke, the singer addressed the matter on her Twitter account.

Del Ray posted a screenshot of an article about Hunt’s sentencing and including a comment.

“Alsoooo…If you bring weapons to the show with plans to use them and ur posting about it — the police will probably know about it before I do like they did in Orlando.”

She later responded to a tweet adding, “I’m just saying bringing weapons into the mix is on another level.”

Authorities were made aware of Hunt’s intentions by a tipster, who noticed numerous posts on Hunt’s Facebook page, including one of him proclaiming his love to the singer.

“I love you so much Lana I can’t wait to be back in your arms in a few days baby,” he wrote on his Facebook page before taking a $100 Uber ride to the concert venue, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Hunt confessed to writing the “cryptic and threatening” Facebook statuses, but claimed he had no real intention of harming the singer.

Del Rey was shaken by the incident. The singer first addressed the terrifying incident during her show in Atlanta the day after Hunt’s arrest.

“I am actually just feeling a little more emotional than I thought after what happened in Orlando, but I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight,” she told the concert goers. “And actually I was feeling totally fine, and then just got, I don’t know, a little bit nervous when I got onstage. So I just want to say that I am super happy to be with you guys, and if I’m a little bit feathery, just bear with me.”

A detective with the Orlando Police Department described the interview with Hunt as “very disturbing.”

Hunt has a lengthy criminal record already and has previously been convicted of 61 felonies, including domestic violence, burglary, and forging legal and financial documents. At just 16-years-old, he was sentenced to three years in prison after stealing a vehicle in Hillsborough County.