Wow, Google Finally Takes On Google Get Rich Quick Scammers

After possibly years of turning a blind eye, Google has finally decided to crack down on “get rich with Google” spammers, not just by banning them from adwords, but by suing them as well.

According to the official Google Blog, “to fight back, we’re working to stop various fraudulent “Google Money” schemes, and this week filed suit against Pacific WebWorks and several other unnamed defendants.”

The due continue though, and this is key, because many of these scams were advertised across Google’s own Adwords/ Adsense network:

“Even as we’re taking legal action to try to cut these sites off at the source, we’re still working constantly to remove scammy URLs from our index, and we’ll permanently disable AdWords accounts that provide a poor or harmful user experience, whether or not they use Google’s trademarks illegally.”

It’s easy to say it’s about bloody time, but likewise I don’t want to be too critical because any action is better late than never, and congrats to Google at long last.