‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Abbott Secret Threatens Jabot!

Johnny VyCBS

A new The Young and the Restless weekly spoilers video preview shows that a shocking Abbott family secret threatens the very existence of Jabot.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, a recap for Friday’s episode of Y&R shows that Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Dina (Marla Adams) found a file hidden in a safe, in what used to be John’s office at Jabot. Whatever is in that file has something to do with Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and Dina says it’s a present for Ashley. Ashley accusing Dina of being a terrible mom is what led to Dina remembering and finding the document to prove that she’s actually a good mom to her children.

Kyle instantly tries to destroy it next week, but he’s unable to when Dina stops him. However, later Jack (Peter Bergman) gets an eye on what they found in the safe, and he determines it would bankrupt Jabot. Jack shreds the document especially when he considers the lengths to which Ashley went to tear his paternity away from him. The fact that Ashley shows absolutely no remorse for what she did allows Jack to feel justified in taking similar steps to keep Ashley away from the legacy that John Abbott and Dina planned for her. The siblings still have a lot of unresolved anger.

Not only does the document threaten the very future of Jabot, but it also threatens the very fabric of the Abbott family. Although Jack felt he’d destroyed the paper, Traci (Beth Maitland) does some digging, and she manages to piece it together from the scraps she finds beneath the shredder. Not one to keep quiet, Traci makes the document public knowledge among the Abbotts after admitting how sick she is about the direction the family is headed. Soon, everybody knows the lengths that Jack went to in order to deny his sister what their father wanted her to have.

Of course, Ashley went to similar lengths to deny Jack his entire family, that is now is at risk of being completely torn apart by the fight between Jack and Ashley. Abby (Melissa Ordway) accuses her uncle Jack of trying to keep Ashley from getting what her parents wanted her to have in the family business. Meanwhile, Traci simply begs her brother to let Ashley have what is rightfully hers, as outlined in the document.

With Eileen Davidson leaving soon, it’s tough to see how this storyline will end up playing out. It could be that Jack fights the document in court. Perhaps, Ashley decides to leave rather than destroy her father’s company. The next several days in Genoa City promise to be gutwrenching for the Abbotts.