Thomas Markle Jr. Says His Dad Had No Time For Him & Samantha, Devoted Time To Meghan Instead

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Thomas Markle Jr. has made some bombshell claims lately, including that his dad used to cheat on Doria Ragland with prostitutes in Thailand. He also talked about how his dad treated him and Samantha differently than Meghan. This is what he said, according to Radar Online.

“Meghan changed my dad’s life. My dad basically was changed after Meghan was born, and he devoted every spare second to her. My sister and I never had that kind of relationship with our father growing up, at all.”

While we’ll never know why this could have been the case, it could also explain the animosity that the two siblings appear to have towards their famous sister. Whatever the case, both Samantha and Thomas Jr. have likely earned lots of money for giving interviews since Meghan’s engagement and marriage to Prince Harry.

The brother also added that “Growing up with my father was always really distant. He didn’t have much time at all for me and my sister Samantha.”

But whatever “change” Thomas Jr. saw in his dad didn’t include his alleged drinking and drug habits, as he said that he remembers his drunk dad doing cocaine.

All of this is likely to have further embarrassed Meghan and the royal family, although she’s got a lot going on to help keep her mind off the drama.


But if what Meghan’s brother is saying is true, then it’s no wonder that Thomas lashed out after he felt ostracized by the royal family. Of course, the details of the fallout between Thomas and Meghan were publicized, but all of the personal details aren’t known by the public. For a while, however, the dad was saying that he might die and begged for a chance to speak to his daughter again. Things kept getting more dramatic as Thomas engaged in new interviews, but eventually, he stopped talking to the press. We’ll have to just wait and see if he’ll maintain his silence.

After all, the news of the royal baby seems to have refueled the siblings’ desires to give interviews. Samantha has given two interviews since the announcement, both times attempting to show good will. Thomas Jr. has also commented on the royal baby and joked that he will likely not see his niece or nephew unless he sneaks into Kensington Palace.

Luckily throughout it all, Meghan’s mom, Doria, has remained steadfast and loyal. She made royal history by attending her daughter’s first charity speech and is rumored to be making the U.K. her home part-time in order to be closer to Meghan.