Ben Affleck Reportedly Has ‘No Choice’ But To Allow Jennifer Garner To ‘Dictate’ His Life, Per ‘InTouch’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may be divorced, but reports from InTouch reveal that the former is still under his ex-wife’s influence. A source detailed how Jen is keeping close tabs on Ben, including where he goes and what he does. This is what they said.

“Jen dictates all outings and gatherings — birthdays, holidays, special events. She’s keeping him on a tight leash, and he doesn’t have much choice other than to go along with it.”

Ben having “no choice” is likely related to the custody of his three kids. As part of the divorce proceedings, Affleck is required to have a monitor present whenever he spends time with his kids. It’s a reflection of how Jennifer reportedly does not “trust” him. In fact, the source said that “if Ben shows any signs of partaking in his old vices, he’s going to pay a hefty price as far as time with the kids is concerned.”

And the source went even further to suggest that Jen has made rules about Shauna Sexton and any new girlfriends that might show up in the future.

“The kids are to have no interaction with Shauna or any other girlfriend that Ben might have. Jen’s intent on keeping it a tight-knit family unit.”

The breakup between Ben and Shauna came abruptly after the former took his then-girlfriend on a quick trip to Montana.

While it’s difficult for anyone to truly understand the depths of Ben and Jen’s connection, the two obviously have a close relationship. Plus, it’s hard to forget that Jen was the one that drove Ben to rehab after he reportedly relapsed.

And insiders have also detailed that Ben’s ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, also tried to help the actor with his drinking problems, to no avail. It appeared that Lindsay broke up with the actor after the drinking got out of control, and some believed that Shookus was hoping for a reunion with the actor eventually, according to the Inquisitr.

Whatever the case, Ben is seemingly turning his focus to his family. He was most recently spotted picking up his kids from school, described the Daily Mail. And while the actor is rumored to be planning on dating in the future, it doesn’t sound like Jen will let him go off on his own like he did before.

After all, it was only a short while after Ben was spotted with Shauna, that he was driven to rehab by Garner. The treatment seems to be helping the actor, who’s bulked up and has been seen smiling in recent photos.