‘The Young And The Restless’: Michael Mealor Asks Fans What’s In The Safe

Johnny VyCBS

On The Young and the Restless, Kyle took his grandmother, Dina, to Jabot to help her find something she remembered being there.

According to the Inquisitr‘s Y&R recap, Kyle (Michael Mealor) was shocked when he realized that his ailing grandmother, Dina (Marla Adams), actually remembered there was a safe behind the wall of what used to be her husband John’s office. Of course, the show ended on a stunning cliffhanger without actually showing viewers what Kyle and Dina found in the wall safe, which had remained hidden for decades.

Kyle actor Michael Mealor tweeted fans asking them to give him their best guess on what Kyle found when he used his grandmother’s birthday as the combination and opened the hidden secret.

Fans had a lot of ideas about the safe’s contents. In fact, one even reminded Mealor that Canadian viewers already know because the show airs a day ahead in Canada, which makes it awfully tough to pull off any major storyline surprises for the top-rated CBS Daytime show. Of course, not every fan reads the day ahead spoilers to find out what happened even if they have to wait a whole weekend to find out after a great Friday cliffhanger — after all, the anticipation is part of the fun of soaps.

One fan named Denise tweeted a reply that said, “My guess was John found out about Ashley’s paternity and had adopted her.”

“Jimmy Hoffa,” quipped another fan named Bob Randoll.

Many fans felt that the contents likely had something to do with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) since she and Dina had argued before Dina remembered the essential details about what she’d done to make herself a “good mom” to Ashley.

“I think it’s John Abbott’s will. And I think he leaves complete control of Jabot to Jack and Ashley. Or John has another child that nobody knows about,” replied Kim Canada.

Another exciting fan idea actually points to Ashley being John’s biological father — the fact that she isn’t has caused her great heartache all these years. Failing that, fans hope that Kyle found adoption papers for his aunt so that Ashley is at least legally John’s daughter.

Ashley actress Eileen Davidson recently hinted that there are more twists left in her storyline before her final airdate on October 29, and there’s little doubt in anyone’s minds that the safe’s contents are part of that twist. Check out Monday’s Y&R spoilers from the Inquisitr to find out what’s happening next.